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  • Video @bubs2bikinis 14. 4. 2016 6:33


    We all needed some outdoor time this afternoon. Lachie and Samuel both have a bad case of 'we don't know the meaning of sharing' and mumma is pretty bloody sick of playing referee! Haha, can any other mums relate?! Getting out on our mat and exercising is my favourite way to get half an hour of 'grizzle free' time. This isn't about working up a sweat like my other workouts, this is some fun time for the boys but of course it also gets my body moving and my heart rate definitely goes up and every little bit counts right!? These are great exercises to do with your children on a weights training rest day or after you've been for a run or walk. It's all about having fun, waking up your muscles and clearing your mind! It's exactly what all 3 of us needed today. I have just put the boys down to sleep for their afternoon nap and I thought they were going to put up a massive fight but they both went down like a dream. My poor little men just aren't themselves this week... Teething is the pits! I'm going to clean the house now, prepare dinner, do some work and get on top of some emails. Do you mummas feel like it's a mad rush as soon as you put bubs down for their naps?! #rawfitspo #WHandFmag @whandfmag

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